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Skipstone is a GTK+ Web browser that embeds Mozilla through libgtkembedmoz. It aims to be a fast and simple browser with few dependencies. As of version 1.0.0, support for Apple's Webkit HTML rendering engine has been added.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2008 21:13

    Release Notes: This release allows reordering of notebook tabs in tabbed mode, and adds native GTK+ dialogs for Certificate Warnings since the Mozilla/XUL runner ones were not working.

    •  04 Feb 2008 17:53

      Release Notes: Support for Apple Webkit was added through the Gtk+ bindings. A few bugfixes were made.

      •  27 Jan 2008 16:27

        Release Notes: This release fixes a printing bug, a global pixmap bug, and a few bugs with crash recovery and window closure.

        •  22 Jan 2008 15:57

          Release Notes: A full screen mode and configure-time detection of the firefox or xulrunner libraries were added.

          •  20 Jan 2008 06:50

            Release Notes: The ability to compile SkipStone against Firefox libraries was added while retaining the option to compile against Mozilla libraries.

            Recent comments

            24 Sep 2008 12:30 zephyrous

            a set of bugreports from ALTLinux
            A few bugreports for Skipstone have been filed,
            perhaps some of them will be new to you. (Or another interface to the set of bugs (

            Thank you for your work on the browser, I hope it keeps being developed!


            10 Jun 2003 19:59 levhita

            Re: My skipstone doesn't find the pixmaps
            Ok, i just download a new theme and extracted to the same directory and doesn't work, i guess that Skipstone doesn't know in wich folder is instaled him self.

            10 Jun 2003 19:43 levhita

            My skipstone doesn't find the pixmaps

            when I execute my skipstone, it doesn't find the pixmaps,
            they are at /usr/local/share/skipstone/pixmaps/default.

            anyway I was looking for a light browser and whithout icons its even more light.

            actually it acomplished all my expectations, great rendering and extremely light.
            i rated 9, i could rate it 10 if I had icons.

            06 May 2003 14:57 charlesbarr

            Convert webpages to PDF Documents
            I'm offering my webpage to pdf convrsion utility to all of the browser projects and would love it if Opera accepted. I've built a online file conversion engine which takes public webpages, changes them to pdf docuiments and then e-mails the pdf document to the end user. A running copy can be found at

            If you want it, let me know.


            28 Jan 2002 05:18 muhri

            Re: Nice browser but...
            OK, I'll add the minimum font size requirement directly to skipstone :)


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