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Sjinn is an RS-232 data acquisition & control program, for intuitive command-line Linux serial communications. It is designed for devices & modules for temperature, humidity, A/D, D/A, digital indicators, multimeters, scales, etc. It is suitable for use in scripts, R.A.D., or command line diagnostics.


Recent releases

  •  27 May 2007 10:40

    Release Notes: The code was cleaned up to fix compilation issues with some new versions of GCC.

    •  10 May 2001 16:15

      Release Notes: Hex modes greater than 0x7F now are displayed correctly for read and send. Verbose mode displays the values being sent in hex instead of decimal. Major output format improvements were made. The --trim and --wrap options were added, which allow the user to specify the line length to wrap or truncate. The -m, --msec option was added to allow user to specify /w and /p wait times in milliseconds instead of seconds. Support for sending strings for programmable wait times was added. Support was added for \\ and \- control characters for send string. The -n, --nolf option was added to tell the program not to include trailing new lines. Many other minor changes were made.

      •  05 May 2001 05:51

        No changes have been submitted for this release.


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