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Perl Site Tools

The site tools package has classes to support a standard look and feel through templates that support somewhat advanced functionality like object method binding, custom escape/formatting functions, and basic looping and conditionals. It also supports SQL forms with foreign key handling with drop boxes or lists, and multiple field types like checkboxes, text boxes, and text areas. Add/delete/edit functionality is handled by the Form class. Tables can be created in the same way, and support auto-sorting by using hyperlinked headers, and next/prev handling. Both forms and tables can be bound to templates to adjust the look and feel or layout, without losing any functionality.


Recent releases

  •  01 Aug 2001 20:28

    Release Notes: Many feature enhancements were made. Lots more configuration options were added to the SQLTable. The SQLTable also knows about asc/desc sorting and allows both for any bound column name. SQLForm has been cleaned up and some utility functions were added. A new class, CrashNotify, was added to allow an easy and quick way to hook the die signal to send an email to you when a script crashes. The notification email includes all the options passed from the browser, the environment, and the actual error message. Some docmentation has been updated.

    •  20 Jul 2001 23:46

      Release Notes: Small bugfixes and a lot of cleanups to help with speed, updated documentation, more info for the examples, and minor feature enhancements.

      •  03 Jul 2001 12:12

        Release Notes: This release includes more examples including a sample showing how to use the template modules for things other than HTML by creating a LaTeX source generator with custom escape sequences and quickvar() support, and minor bugfixes to the template classes relating to decode_entities and resolution of the !_ variable.

        •  22 Jun 2001 14:47

          Release Notes: New additions include some pre-packaged documents (dumps of the PODs) and a bunch of simple examples of the templates and using the classes for a basic website. Custom tag support, quickload/display, and more descriptive error messages for templates were also added. Minor bugfixes were made to the SQLContainer (which affects the SQLTable and SQLForm subclasses) and Template classes.

          •  15 Jun 2001 21:45

            Release Notes: Fixes for some more instability bugs introduced from the updated PObject API, fixes for small misc. bugs in the Template class and SQLForm class, and some new small example programs.


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