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OSSP sio

OSSP sio is an I/O abstraction library for layered stream communication. It was built to deal efficiently with complex I/O protocols and includes capabilities to filter and multiplex data streams. Its modular structure is fully supported by the underlying OSSP al data buffer library.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Oct 2005 14:34

    Release Notes: An Autoconf check is provided for the va_copy(d,s) macro. The build environment was upgraded to GNU autoconf 2.59, GNU libtool 1.5.20, and GNU shtool 2.0.3. The embedded sub-libraries were upgraded to OSSP sa 1.2.6 and OSSP al 0.9.3. OSSP ex support was fixed by internally using a non-conflicting namespace for the OSSP ex API.

    •  30 Jun 2003 12:57

      Release Notes: The "status" return value of waitpid(3) is now correctly checked. The test suite format string was changed from "%08lx" to "%d" because the "ts" library only has a minimal formatting engine. A check now ensures that sio_{bio,sa,zlib}.c are not empty compilation units. The SIZE_T_MAX fallback definition was changed to a more portable variant based on sizeof(size_t) instead of relying on the existance of (non-portable) UINT_MAX. GNU autoconf checks for libnsl/libsocket under Solaris were added.

      •  28 Jun 2003 19:02

        Release Notes: Systems that do not define SIZE_T_MAX are now supported.

        •  07 Feb 2003 03:23

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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