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Simple network top (sntop) is a curses-based console utility in the spirit of top that polls network hosts at a regular interval to determine their connectivity and displays the results in a pretty format. Advanced features are supported, such as automatic HTML generation of results, secure terminal mode, execution of an external file on connectivity changes, a daemon mode, and user/system configure files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Nov 2001 00:03

    Release Notes: This release merges the FreeBSD ports collection upstream fixes. The lack of short version options for log and alarm has been fixed.

    •  18 May 2001 13:55

      Release Notes: An RPM package is now available. A bug in the compilation process was also fixed.

      •  22 Mar 2001 05:12

        Release Notes: A compiler error on pre-glibc 2.2 systems has been fixed along with a multiple -d parameter flag error.

        •  09 Mar 2001 00:33

          Release Notes: 1.4.0 did not compile. 1.4.1 does.

          •  08 Mar 2001 10:29

            Release Notes: A new daemon mode (--daemon and -d) which makes sntop capable of running in the background, a README file, a fix for the warning-on-compile about time functions by moving the include from sys/time.h to time.h, moving -d to -e (--wfile), and a new --byte and -b option to set fping ICMP ECHO packet size.


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