Comments for Simple C Compiler

06 Mar 2011 00:06 Tarkin000

Here's a fix for the FASM backen: in src/cc4.c, in function setcodes, all of the DB, DW, DD, RB, RW, RD, parts need to be edited to include a semicolon (at least with fasm-1.69.31). Example: line 296, change "\000 DD " to "\000: DD".

22 Feb 2011 00:31 Tarkin000

I'm available to help. It looks like completing the changes to convert the backend to are trivial, and you've already done the heavy lifting.

22 Sep 2003 08:50 cduffy

tcc is another tiny compiler alternative...
...which may be interesting if this one is insufficient for ones' needs.

simplec does certainly seem to be accepting of a wider variety of code, however -- it happily attempts to compile a fair bit of non-C99-compliant code that tcc refuses to touch. (Indeed, I had to fix a number of pointer-misuse issues in simplec's codebase before tcc would deign to compile it).


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