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Simpleburner is a simple CLI application to make burning CDs and DVDs easier. It writes a directory with your files to burn to a CD. You have to set up some things like ISO image name and location for it. It can be run in modes like test burn, makeiso-only, or burn-only. More information is included in the help message.

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Last announcement

Perl again... 27 Oct 2009 14:07

After few emails with requests for return to perl implementation and I decided to do that. Sorry for that mess, I hope that this is the last language change. Perl rewrite is completed and it's almost ready to release. I'm going also to change versioning style for release date. Regards, Marcin

Recent releases

  •  15 Dec 2009 13:38

    Release Notes: A bug in "burn iso only" mode was fixed.

    •  27 Oct 2009 14:30

      Release Notes: This version was rewritten in Perl. The versioning style was changed. An old Perl implementation bug with help messages was fixed. A bug with spaces in data directory names was fixed. A check for an existing ISO file was added.

      •  25 Sep 2009 22:21

        Release Notes: The license has been changed to BSD. There are few new checks and new options for burning commands. The option --mode has been added.

        •  19 Sep 2009 17:51

          Release Notes: After few conversations, there are some major fixes: a check for setting the --data option, and a default value returned for --name (ISO images will again be stored by default in /tmp/cd.iso).

          •  18 Sep 2009 08:21

            Release Notes: This version was totally rewritten in Python. An annoying help bug was finally fixed. simpleburner now automatically uses cdrtools if cdrkit is not installed. The --speed option was added. The Perl implementation will no longer be developed.


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