Comments for Simple Movie Catalog

18 Mar 2014 23:58 puchrojo

With Ubuntu 13.10 the report are not displayed in UTF-8. If I change the code to UTF-8 all work fine. But maybe that could be defined in the header.

Another think, it will be possible that the program take a picture on the directory, if they not found one at imdb. I always have one on the directory.

And my last wish. Could be possible to filter / sort about country/language production.

Anyway, Thanks for the project.

18 Mar 2010 21:47 damienlangg

blaer: thanks, I release 1.4.0 now which should fix this and other imdb layout changes.

24 Feb 2010 14:27 blaer

IMDB seems to have changed their layout a bit. Plot's were not downloaded by smoviecat.
In file change the line that says:
my $plot = _get_info(shift, "plot");
my $plot = _get_info(shift, "plot","h5","/div");
to get it working again.


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