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WordNet-Similarity is a collection of Perl modules for the WordNet system. They are designed as object classes with methods that take two word senses as input and return the semantic relatedness of these word senses.


Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2009 17:41

    Release Notes: A new module WordNet::Similarity::FrequencyCounter, containing common support code for information content programs, was created.

    •  17 Sep 2004 05:56

      Release Notes: The vector was modified to look like the other measures and is now derived from Some minor typos in Makefile.PL were fixed, a test case for vector was added to t/access.t, and a config option name conflict in was fixed.

      •  07 Jul 2003 23:58

        Release Notes: A new measure of semantic relatedness was added, based on co-occurrence vectors of WordNet glosses. The package is set up so that and the other Perl utilities get installed in "/usr/local/bin". was completely rewritten with cleaner code and new functionality.

        •  14 Jun 2003 07:43

          Release Notes: A new utility was added for generating information content files from plain text. now supports an option for specify the part-of-speech of input words while measuring relatedness. A configuration and information content file can be specified in A Resnik counting option and an Add-1 smoothing option were added to the information content generation utilities. Various bugfixes were made.

          •  25 Apr 2003 05:52

            Release Notes: A trace bug in was fixed, and test cases were added for all modules.


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