Comments for SigmaPi Neurosimulator

07 Dec 2002 12:31 ewald72

GCC3 compliance
As some of you may have noticed, SigmaPi does not compile
with GCC3.x
The problem has already been solved, the next release will
work with all GCC compilers. If you need a pre-release version,
mail me an I will send you 1.2alpha

29 Sep 2002 05:55 ewald72

Manual released
I've added a manual for SigmaPi.
It can be downloaded from the SigmaPi Homepage.

25 Jul 2002 10:56 ewald72

Linux/Sparc Solaris/Sparc and FreeBSD/x86 ports added
I've just added SigmaPi 1.0 ports to Sparc Linux
and Solaris and to FreeBSD/x86.
The binaries are not tested.

25 Jul 2002 10:55 ewald72

Linking on FreeBSD
On FreeBSD, there is non pthread library.
The POSIX threads live in
To port SigmaPi to FreeBSD, add -lc_r to the
link list.

19 Jul 2002 09:45 ewald72

SigmaPi Embedded compilation problem
If you compile SigmaPi using QT/Embedded, you will
have to include the -fno-rtti flag.
Also, use -DQWS and remove the X11/Xext libraries
as well as the path to the X11 directory.
Furthermore, the library is called qte-mt now.
Don't forget to use ./configure -thread when
configuring QT. is not enough, you need

19 Jul 2002 09:41 ewald72

SigmaPi compilation problem
Some people seem have problems compiling SigmaPi.
Please note that QT has to be configured using
./configure -thread
to enable multithreading. After QT has bee built,
read the README file to generate the Makefile.
Don't forget to enable multithreading with
-DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT and to link agains -lqt-mt
If you don't do this, you'll get an error from
the NN_trainer file

19 Jul 2002 09:37 ewald72

SigmaPi for Linux on Sparc
I've compiled SigmaPi 0.9 on a SparcStation using
Debian Linux 2.2.
The binaries are downloadable on the Homepage.

27 Jun 2002 18:11 ewald72

SigmaPi on Solaris 8
I've just included a statically linked binary
for Solaris 8.

22 Jun 2002 13:53 ewald72

SigmaPi 0.7 & 0.8 bug
Hi there,,
I found a bug in SigmaPi Version 0.7 and 0.8.
It causes patterns to get an ID of 0, so that they are stored
and also trained, but after the pattern contoller has been
changed, they are invisible to the user (at least on a PPC).
This bug is in SigmaPi 0.7 and 0.8 (the .zip versions), and has
been removed today.
So if you experience this problems, download 0.7 and 0.8
again on

16 Jun 2002 16:02 ewald72

PPC Binary Version
I've included a statically linked Linux-PPC
binary of version 0.7.
I've tested it and it seemed to work


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