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SigmaPi Neurosimulator

SigmaPi is a simulator for recurrent neural networks of arbitrary topology. It uses the LSTM neuron model, and implements a training algorithm based on RTRL with some extensions taken from RProp.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2003 22:51

    Release Notes: This version introduces early stopping and colour-encoded error displays. It uses double-precision floating point numbers like version 0.1 and 0.2. Some bugs were also fixed.

    •  30 Dec 2002 18:40

      Release Notes: A bug in the WAV/ASCII save procedure has been fixed.

      •  27 Dec 2002 03:14

        Release Notes: This one can read and write Ascii and WAV files, some bugs were removed, and the interface is more comfortable.

        •  13 Oct 2002 13:50

          Release Notes: An option to connect neurons with different connection types simultaneously was added. An option to upload algorithm settings from a file directly to a selected connection was added. A statusbar was added.

          •  24 Jul 2002 17:50

            Release Notes: This version includes algorithm save/load functionality plus two new activation functions: the 'Mexican Hat' and the 'Gaussian Derivative'.

            Recent comments

            07 Dec 2002 12:31 ewald72

            GCC3 compliance
            As some of you may have noticed, SigmaPi does not compile
            with GCC3.x
            The problem has already been solved, the next release will
            work with all GCC compilers. If you need a pre-release version,
            mail me an I will send you 1.2alpha

            29 Sep 2002 05:55 ewald72

            Manual released
            I've added a manual for SigmaPi.
            It can be downloaded from the SigmaPi Homepage.

            25 Jul 2002 10:56 ewald72

            Linux/Sparc Solaris/Sparc and FreeBSD/x86 ports added
            I've just added SigmaPi 1.0 ports to Sparc Linux
            and Solaris and to FreeBSD/x86.
            The binaries are not tested.

            25 Jul 2002 10:55 ewald72

            Linking on FreeBSD
            On FreeBSD, there is non pthread library.
            The POSIX threads live in
            To port SigmaPi to FreeBSD, add -lc_r to the
            link list.

            19 Jul 2002 09:45 ewald72

            SigmaPi Embedded compilation problem
            If you compile SigmaPi using QT/Embedded, you will
            have to include the -fno-rtti flag.
            Also, use -DQWS and remove the X11/Xext libraries
            as well as the path to the X11 directory.
            Furthermore, the library is called qte-mt now.
            Don't forget to use ./configure -thread when
            configuring QT.
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