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21 Nov 2012 12:14 patois

On beating a dead horse: Siag Office still being developed?

30 Jan 2001 07:55 ulriceriksson

Re: Question: Has the SIAG OFFICE stopped developing?
It has not stopped developing, obviously.

The Siag Office mailing list is


06 Aug 2000 19:09 ulriceriksson

Mailing list address
The address of the mailing list is Any mail
to the old address is going to /dev/null.


23 Jan 2000 20:42 brainless

Question: Has the SIAG OFFICE stopped developing?
I need to know if the development of SIAG Office has stopped?

I have tried to email the guy in charged of the SIAG Office development - and I got an error reply of "Relaying denied" and later on I joined the SIAG maillist and I post a message to the mailist asking the same question, and the message that I post has vanished, as though the mailist is not functioning at all.

The SIAG Office mailist is at btw.

18 Jan 2000 21:04 brainless

There _IS_ a 3.1.22 version for SIAG
And it is available at, the filename is siag-3.1.22.tar.gz, dated 09/21/00 05:03AM, 1,203,912 bytes in size.

03 Jan 2000 12:02 fratermisc

Very nice lean and simple.
I recommend it to anyone.

With some reservations on compilation problems I've been having.

I believe they are due to a lack of a properly installed python interpreter or perhaps another dependency. Not bad against the authors of the program there is just not a good set of checks in the ./configure process.

The machine I am able to install it on has been impressing people at work quite a bit. Especially considering its small size. I'll use it to fork out a resume in .rtf format and see if it gets me a raise. :) then there will be a good review added to this one.

Truly does suck less...


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