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25 Nov 2013 15:48 wschuetz

I was able to autostart your script when I plug the shuttle the following way:
1. I editet your udev rule (the Product-ID is the one of the ShuttleXpress and would have to be changed to your product):

ACTION=="add", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0b33", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0020", MODE="0644", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/shuttle &"
ACTION=="remove", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0b33", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0020", RUN+="/usr/bin/pkill shuttlepro"

2. I edited the 'exec' command in your script 'shuttle' (USER has to be replaced with you local user name):

su USER -c "DISPLAY=:0 /usr/local/bin/shuttlepro /dev/input/by-id/usb-Contour_Design_ShuttleXpress-event-if00"

The main problem was, that UDEV works as root, but root has no access to your X Display. Therefore it is necessary to insert your own user name.

24 Nov 2013 22:36 wschuetz

Thank you a lot for this code! Finally I can use my ShuttleXpress for dvbcut.
I only had to change the name in '99-ShuttlePRO.rules' and in 'shuttle'. Now it works perfect. The only thing I would wish for is the repeated output of the shuttle, as dvbcut has no hot key for fast forward.


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