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Shttp is a simple, partial HTTP/1.1 implementation built using the ServerKit framework. It's a little over 1000 lines of code, and serves well as a minimal lightweight HTTP server in closed/controlled/static content settings, as well as a learning tool for those interested in developing TCP-service-providing modules using ServerKit. Illustrating how easy it is to build efficient server programs using ServerKit, this module has demonstrated 7200 requests/second in AB benchmarks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Oct 2008 16:45

    Release Notes: When using a UNIX domain socket listener address, the socket was bound with the existing umask, which was likely to exclude writable by other. Now when binding to a UNIX domain socket listener, shttp sets the umask momentarily to permit this, since it is likely (and desirable) that httpx will not be running as the same user shttp instances are run as.

    •  17 Aug 2008 23:21

      Release Notes: A buffer overflow has been fixed.

      •  04 Dec 2007 21:21

        Release Notes: This is primarily a maintenance release. Slight changes were made to make the module ServerKit 2.x compatible. Thread wchan setting was added to the major potentially blocking sections as well.

        •  29 Nov 2007 16:26

          Release Notes: Efficiency has been improved by utilizing the new SERVER_THREAD_POOL_QUEUE_ENTRY_SUPPLIED option added in ServerKit 1.2.0. A few other cleanups have been performed, including the removal of a redundant per-request memset() call.

          •  05 Nov 2007 14:29

            Release Notes: Rudimentary automatic directory index support has been added. Some changes have also been made to make Shttp ServerKit 1.0.0 compatible. As a result, this release requires ServerKit 1.0.0+.


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