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shn2make works with sets of SHN or FLAC audio files and the make program to automate the burning of archive and audio CDs, and the encoding of MP3 and Ogg files. It finds the SHN or FLAC files in the current directory and verifies the MD5 checksums. It then looks for the .nfo or .txt file, finds the song names, and matches the songs to the available files. If everything is correct, it outputs the text of a Makefile. The targets of the makefile automate the various tasks that need to be done with SHN and FLAC sets. For example, "make Ogg" will uncompress and then encode all the files in the set to named and tagged Ogg Vorbis files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2006 18:34

    Release Notes: When wodim is available, it is used instead of cdrecord.

    •  11 Oct 2005 16:42

      Release Notes: A FLAC decoding problem on Cygwin was fixed.

      •  09 Oct 2005 07:09

        Release Notes: After writing an archive disc, shn2make mounts the CD and checks the archived lossless files for errors. New arguments allow the user to specify input, output, and working directories on the command line as well as the path to the nfo/txt file to use. Subdirectories are scanned for shn/flac files (only one level deep, by default). The program can work from a torrent while you are seeding without polluting the seed directory. Shn2make will no longer archive shows with errors without being forced. The behavior of the lmadl backend was improved.

        •  21 Aug 2005 18:58

          Release Notes: Updated to work as a backend for lmadl, the live music archive downloader.

          •  10 Jul 2004 22:14

            Release Notes: When the --keepfilenames option is specified, song names in the NFO file are ignored, and a simple renaming of the SHN or FLAC file names are used for MP3 and Ogg files.

            Recent comments

            25 Jul 2004 12:44 sethgeekg4

            This tool is a must for anyone who trade jam-band shows.

            01 Jan 2004 19:56 iamcliff

            Re: make mp3 errors

            > bash-2.05b$ make mp3
            > shorten -x oar2003-11-24d01t01.shn
            > /usr/tmp/oar2003-11-24d01t01.wav
            > make: shorten: Command not found
            > make: ***
            > [/usr/tmp/oar2003-11-24d01t01.wav] Error
            > 127
            > what is this error caused by? am i
            > missing something?

            The message says you are missing the shorten program.
            You can get shorten from

            Check the man or web page for all the dependancies of shn2make.


            01 Jan 2004 16:34 mesman00

            make mp3 errors
            i get an error when i want to make mp3 after running shn2make in the directory where my .shn files are. this is the error:

            bash-2.05b$ make mp3
            shorten -x oar2003-11-24d01t01.shn /usr/tmp/oar2003-11-24d01t01.wav
            make: shorten: Command not found
            make: *** [/usr/tmp/oar2003-11-24d01t01.wav] Error 127

            what is this error caused by? am i missing something? this is the output when i run shn2make.

            bash-2.05b$ shn2make
            Makefile exists. Overwrite(y/n)?

            # shn2make is free software; you are encouraged to redistribute it under
            # the terms of the GNU General Public License.
            # shn2make comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. See the GNU General Public
            # License (e.g. in the file named `COPYING') for more details.
            # (C) 2001 C R Johnson (

            Reading the contents of the nfo or .txt file...
            Looking for shn files in the current directory...
            Matching songs listed in nfo to shn files...
            Looking for songs in nfo file...
            ls: *MD5: No such file or directory
            All md5 tests OK
            "make shnarchive1" will archive disc(s) 1
            "make shnarchive2" will archive disc(s) 2


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