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Shibboleth is a privacy and security-aware mailing list manager, perfect for allowing closed groups to interact on the Internet without interference from outsiders and former insiders. It features user verification to prevent any forged mailing to list, message digest handling, address standartization, header canonicalization, file serving, header-based passwords, PGP support, remote e-mail based management, lists moderation, message filters, and more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2005 22:14

    Release Notes: This release has been ported to Perl 5.8.x and adds the new command "update-aliases".

    •  21 Jul 2001 22:50

      Release Notes: Recent investigations (see release info at project's SF page) show the vulnerabilty of plain PGP signatures with open keys; Shibboleth now targets that issue. User privacy has been improved by removing free mailer ads. This allows them to not expose their mail service provider. The administrator can define regular expressions to remove most widespread adverts.

      •  17 Jul 2001 15:34

        Release Notes: The wrong behavior which occurred when mail is sent to a misspelled recipient has been fixed. Now it correctly generates a bounce.

        •  26 Jun 2001 03:32

          Release Notes: Ability to talk interactively to the bot, ability to do administrative work without use of PGP, fixes for some qmail bugs, and updated documentation.

          •  23 Jun 2001 01:36

            Release Notes: Support for Perl 5.003 syntax.


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