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Shell Script Loader

Shell Script Loader is a framework (in a helper script) that can be used by shell-script-based applications for easy including or loading of co-shell-scripts or subscripts. With this utility, scripters may now be able to apply multi-file or module-oriented scripting or programming in shells just like the way they are always done in known languages like Perl, PHP, and Ruby. The provided functions are load(), include(), and call() with the extended versions loadx(), includex(), and callx(). The extended versions can accept glob patterns and regular expressions. Shell Script Loader supports many shells including the very old ones like bash, zsh, ksh, pdksh, sh, ash, dsh, and all shells based on the original sh. Scripts made with Shell Script Loader may also be compiled to form a single script. A generic compiler written in awk is already available.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2011 08:14

    Release Notes: This is the first stable version.

    •  09 Sep 2010 14:00

      Release Notes: The final and true features of Shell Script Loader have finally been decided, and ShellScript Loader Lite (RS0L) and ShellScript Loader Simpler (RS0S) are now Shell Script Loader (RS0) and Shell Script Loader Extended (RS0X) with the last added function loader_flag(). The old packages are still available, but are now considered deprecated. Completion of the project will now be based on the two versions.

      •  17 Apr 2010 14:00

        Release Notes: Minor refinements and optimizations were added. This version is considered stable after many repeated tests. This probably will be the final version of the newest revision set.

        •  14 Apr 2010 11:13

          Release Notes: A few more fixes were made. This release is considered stable.

          •  12 Apr 2010 14:11

            Release Notes: More fixes and stable tests were added.


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