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04 Jul 2008 13:49 jdmonin

Newly ported to Fedora 9/GCC 4.3
Newly available on Fedora 9 under GCC 4.3.

29 Mar 2001 11:31 jdmonin

Re: It works after all
In more recent devel releases, Makefile-linux has PAM, and Makefile-linux-nopam does not have PAM.

24 May 2000 13:03 jdmonin

It works after all :)
It's now verified to work on RedHat 6.x systems, including those with MD5 passwords. Be sure to use the appropriate makefile (Makefile-linux-pam, not just plain Makefile-linux) when you compile, and use the development version, not the stable 1.9.2 release. Details in the INSTALL file.

15 May 2000 11:20 unixman

RH Linux 6.X problem
Does not work on RH Linux 6.x for all I can tell. Authentication fails.


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