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Shadowed Horizons is a collection of classes and utilities that form a gaming software development kit. The aim of the project is to spare programmers the need to perform countless mundane or repetitive tasks in writing their games. When complete, this software will be a generalized framework for computer games of any type.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Dec 2004 09:02

    Release Notes: Code cleanups were made and variable names were improved in places that were unclear. Some obsolete functions were removed. The new features included a powerful search function in the MetaObject class and a World hierarchy that can be as deep as necessary. The concept of 'named points' in environments was generalized.

    •  22 Dec 2004 08:00

      Release Notes: A world system was implemented with two new test classes that act as tutorials. The MetaObject/JavaMBS systems were improved. The code was cleaned up to be more compatible with Java style conventions and the documentation was expanded to include the new systems as well as to provide better coverage of the existing code.

      •  16 Dec 2004 12:00

        Release Notes: A switch was made to the Java programming language. The documentation and project organization were greatly improved. Multiple test classes were included to show the functionality of the SDK.

        •  23 Aug 2004 07:52

          Release Notes: A number of new features were implemented, including a Graphical Map Viewer for the world editor, a more intelligent world editor parser, and the ability to completely save and load the world's game state. The program now supports both XML and Storable datafiles. A number of bugs in the world editor were corrected, and the documentation was updated.

          •  16 Aug 2004 07:09

            Release Notes: An environment and world system that includes some editing functionality was implemented. Some work was made on saving the state of the game and a Data class was introduced. A 20 page outline of the project in PDF format was also included.


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