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Serveez is a server framework which provides routines and help for implementing IP-based servers (TCP, UDP, and ICMP). It is also possible to use named pipes for all connection-oriented protocols. The package includes a number of servers that work already: an HTTP server, an IRC server, a Gnutella spider, and some others. One of the highlights is that you can run all protocols on the same port. The application itself is single-threaded, but it uses helper processes for concurrent name resolution and ident lookups.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 2003 21:13

    Release Notes: This release of Serveez comes along with an updated build system using the recent autotool's packages. It provides a new configure switch for some thread safety functionality and provides a man page for the `serveez-config' script. Some updates and bugfixes have been applied to Serveez's Guile interface, also regarding Guile 1.7.x versions. The new (instantiate-config-type!) procedure allows users of the C API to support arbitrary types of configurations in the Guile interface. Finally, Serveez's core API has been improved and stabilized.

    •  14 Oct 2002 16:32

      Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes were made in the internal coservers, as well as in the Guile server implementation. Support for HP-UX platforms and urgent (out-of-band) data on stream-like network connections have been added. The socket objects now provide trigger callbacks and the server objects provide a reset callback invoked when SIGHUP occurred. The standard input of the program can be used as configuration file. The Guile server documentation was partly rewritten and updated. A simplified icecast Guile server demonstrates the usage of the coservers from Guile.

      •  16 Feb 2002 20:14

        Release Notes: The built-time behavior has been greatly improved. Serveez now supports cross-compilation and provides workarounds for SunOS/Solaris and MacOS X quirks. New features include basic coserver functionality, Guile version 1.3 backward compatibility code, and RPC service support in the Guile frontend. The builtin HTTP server now supports partial contents. The core library is able to do INADDR_ANY as well as SO_BINDTODEVICE bindings. It also supports mixing any possible bind option.

        •  01 Dec 2001 15:52

          Release Notes: The Guile server support is finally meant to be a stable feature of Serveez. A Mandelbrot computation server and client have been implemented, which demonstrate this functionality. The new codec interface of the Serveez core library is now also available in the Win32 binary release. Both the new bzip2 codec and the zlib codec have been added. Also included is an inetd replacement Guile script. This has been possible since the new program passthrough server came up. The new server can accept connections and pass the data transactions to a program's stdin/stdout.

          •  08 Oct 2001 20:39

            Release Notes: A zlib codec has been implemented. There is a specification for a transparent codec interface. There is a working named pipe interface under Windows. The chat server master protocol has been modified to use textSure v1.3. A virtually unlimited number of socket structures are allowed. This release includes a faster HTTP file cache, automatic coserver restart on buffer overrun or death, loadable server modules, and Guile server examples and documentation. Guile servers can be enabled via --enable-guile-server.


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