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SerLooK is a KDE application for inspecting data going over serial lines. It can work as a binary terminal that sends and receives data through a defined port (Point to Point mode) and displays them on separate views. Each view can be configured to display data in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary, and raw ASCII. It is also possible to perform I/O through terminal emulation views and define a secondary port and monitor the traffic between two external hosts using a "Y" cable (Snooper mode).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jan 2010 13:56

    Release Notes: The code now builds smoothly on OpenSuse 11 and should also build on other KDE 4 based distributions.

    •  09 Feb 2007 15:46

      Release Notes: This release adds the icons missing in 0.3.2-B. It rebuilds the kdevelop project from scratch with kdevelop 3.4.0 so that the icons are ok and the application icon should appear in the about box.

      •  03 Jan 2007 13:19

        Release Notes: In the previous 0.3.2 tarball, the icons were left out. This 0.3.2-B tarball includes these icons. These changes didn't affect the program sources.

        •  19 Jan 2006 15:21

          Release Notes: The source tree was updated to support compiling with KDevelop3 (tested under SuSE 10.0).

          •  24 Jan 2005 15:56

            Release Notes: A patch from Carsten Lohrke which allows building under gcc 3.4 was applied.

            Recent comments

            07 Jan 2010 14:46 gmbertani

            NEWS: ceased the hosting service, so now I'm moving the project on SourceForge. The latest source tarball hosted on sunsite, 0.3.5, is already present in SF and can be downloaded there.
            There is also a nice contribution planned to be released soon in 0.4.0. Stay tuned!


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