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Serendipity is a Weblog application which aims at giving you an easy way to maintain your own individual diary or personal homepage. It ships with a variety of plugins to plug-and-play with your blog.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2006 13:13

    Release Notes: This release features many small bugfixes as well as a completely redone default design for both frontend and backend. Many anti-spam improvements were made, many more templating options were added, and the user interaction has been improved. The sourcecode now has complete phpDoc documentation.

    •  18 May 2006 09:45

      Release Notes: If you are already using 1.0-beta2, there is little reason for you to upgrade. This release includes some minor bugfixes as well as some last-minute features to force FeedBurner feed redirection, the most recent updates to the Spamblock plugin, a Pivot importer, and missing UTF-8 encoding for Windows-Server date responses. Two minor security issues were addressed. One was a (hard to do) XSRF attack on the entry manager page, the other one being able to save PHP code in the file (only an Admin can do that).

      •  19 Aug 2005 21:18

        Release Notes: This release fixes XML-RPC posting problems as well as a few maintainance bugs, and has some feature enhancements.

        •  26 Apr 2005 14:50

          Release Notes: New features include Smarty templating; an improved installer; a redesigned administration panel; full RSS content feeds (including extended entry); native import for Nucleus, WordPress, b2evo, bblog, bmachine, pmachine, geeklog, sunlog, Textpattern, phpBB, and MoveableType; support for server-timezone offset; improved directory/file structure; support for the JustBlogIt extension; pagination for the results of searching; support for realnames of authors; and browser content-language negotiation.

          •  12 Nov 2004 15:37

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            18 May 2006 11:00 gizmola

            Excellent LAMP based blog

            Serendipity is not as well known as Wordpress, but in my opinion is a more sophisticated and extensible blog system with a dedicated developer community which at times has included a substantial number of well known developers from the PHP community.

            Built upon the latest web standards (xhtml 1, css design, smarty templating, true OOP plugin API) people can easily install a variety of plugins which add various features using the administration system's "Spartacus" system, which can download and install plugins from a development team maintained repository.

            Recent efforts have addressed the main problem with Serendipity, namely the lack of documentation and variety of freely available templates. While hundreds if not thousands of production sites have been using Serendipity through its beta releases, the impending 1.0 milestone should boost the number of people entering the community.

            15 May 2006 12:25 zorankovacevic

            Re: Nice UI; does not support URI forwarding.
            We use it in a reverse proxy setup. Since the CSS reference in the HTML is absolute, make sure that both in the LAN you use the same hostname.

            This is our setup:
            - points to in the LAN
            - points to in the outside net
            - the reverse proxy runs on and proxies (resolving to

            Hope this helps/makes sense.

            19 Aug 2005 12:07 garvinhicking

            Re: Nice UI; does not support URI forwarding.
            I must admit I've never worked with reverse proxys. But basically it should work out. Did you disable URL rewriting in s9y config? Because that might make trouble with URI forwarding if it is enabled...

            You might want to give the forums a try to post your question, or ask on the mailinglist where some of our experienced developers are still reading...


            19 Aug 2005 12:01 kodeCharlie

            Nice UI; does not support URI forwarding.
            The setup for Serendipity was pretty straightforward. The UI and feature set look pretty awesome.

            However, I deployed Serendipity on a back-office server, and used proxy-based redirection from our main web-server in order to access the Serendipity blog. Well, Serendipity did serve up the blog, but there are lots of things that are broken -- including styls and various broken links that reference the back-office server.

            Does anyone know whether these are software bugs or just configuration issues?


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