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SEM2DPACK is a simulator of 2D elastic wave propagation and fracture dynamics that applies the Spectral Element Method (SEM, similar to mass-lumped high-order finite element methods). Flexibility and accuracy are the main goals. Although the emphasis is currently on computational seismology and earthquake source dynamics, this tool might attract a wider audience in computational mechanics, research, and engineering.

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Recent releases

  •  07 Aug 2012 22:42

    Release Notes: This version can read mesh files exported by the mesh generation programs CUBIT and EZ4U, and introduces kinematic fault sources, heterogeneous coefficients for anistropic media, absorbing boundaries with arbitrary orientation, and Gaussian source time function and pre-processing utilities to compute critical time steps. Bugs are fixed in time-weakening friction and handling of fault tip nodes of single-sided faults.

    •  04 Aug 2012 00:17

      Release Notes: This version introduces the following features for dynamic faults: more stable curved elements for non-planar faults with smooth normal, cohesion in fault strength, more options in time-weakening fronts for rupture nucleation, enabled time-weakening in combination with rate-and-state-dependent friction, and easier setting of the fault zone viscosity layer. In addition, the flexibility of the Matlab mesh generation tools was enhanced.

      •  01 Sep 2009 23:22

        Release Notes: This version introduces useful features for dynamic faults: smooth mesh generation for fault surfaces, instantaneous healing in slip-weakening friction, optional suppression of fault opening, easy tagging of near-fault elements, separate output of initial values, and cohesive normal response. Bugs in the plastic solver were fixed.

        •  17 Feb 2009 05:55

          Release Notes: This version includes more capabilities for structured and semi-structured meshing, stress glut and seismic potency outputs for dynamic sources, and new mesh visualization and snapshot animation tools.

          •  27 Nov 2008 07:21

            Release Notes: This version features new outputs (energies, curl, div, values at each fault side), new post-processing tools (response spectra, Arias intensity, significant duration, extract values on points and lines), and Brune's source time functions.


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