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Selenium Remote Control

Selenium Remote Control is a test tool that allows you to write automated Web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP Web site using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. Selenium Remote Control provides a Selenium Server, which can automatically start, stop, and control any supported browser. It works by using Selenium Core, a pure HTML/JS library that performs automated tasks in JavaScript.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Nov 2007 08:18

    Release Notes: A new PHP driver lets you write Selenium RC tests in PHP was added. The long broken Firefox 2 browser launcher was fixed. Launch/kill of IE7 on Vista in Protected mode with UAC enabled was implemented. A new "captureScreenshot" command lets you capture PNG screenshots and save them to disk. A new "getXpathCount" command tells you how many elements match a given XPath expression. A new "addLocationStrategy" command lets you define new ways to locate elements on the page. Stability was vastly improved in proxy injection mode. Logging was totally revamped. Small API changes were made.

    •  15 Nov 2006 06:03

      Release Notes: This version includes a bunch of new features, including frame support, multiWindow support (for testing apps that don't like to run in a subframe), a Konqueror browser launcher, new cookie-management actions, and support for Firefox 2.0 and IE7. It also includes experimental support for SSL directly in the Selenium proxy and a new highly experimental "proxy injection" mode that gives more control over the application under testing by modifying it in the HTTP proxy.

      •  01 Nov 2006 13:38

        Release Notes: Numerous significant bugfixes and enhancements were made. New features include a Perl RC Client Driver, a translator from Selenium Core Selenese HTML test tables into Java JUnit tests and Opera 8.54 support. Experimental support was also added for new browser launchers, "*chrome" and "*iehta", which may one day eliminate the need for the Selenium Server proxy altogether, by running the Selenium JavaScript with elevated security privileges.


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