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STK Seismic Tool-Kit

Seismic Toolkit is a tool for processing and displaying seismic signal data in a graphical interface. It reads seismic signals in SAC format, and provides a variety of signal processing, such as filtering, spectral analysis, polarisation analysis, time-frequency representation, Hilbert transform, and singular value decomposition. Some utilities are included for useful seismological applications, like computation of Seismic Moment Mo, Mantle magnitude Mm and Moment magnitude Mw, MTPA spectral analysis, plotting focal mechanisms, computation (and plotting) of instrumental response from poles and zeros, and some usefull GMT (Generic Mapping Tool) scripts for plotting signals, responses, and time-frequency in Postscript files for high quality prints.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Feb 2011 07:40

    Release Notes: Compilation problems due to deprecated functions were solved with less restrictive pre-processor directves. A new utility program, Cairo_SAC, was added for plotting (in PDF, PS, or PNG) a large number of SAC files using Cairo functions.

    •  30 Mar 2010 21:45

      Release Notes: A severe bug due to deprecated functions of GTK has been corrected (all deprecated functions were updated to the new standard). Version 0.71 of STK should not be used, as it is not totally functional.

      •  29 Mar 2010 11:59

        Release Notes: Several errors of compilation have been solved in the main project STK, and also in the Utilities programs. New utility programs are given in poly_fit (fitting polynomial of order N to a data set), linear_reg (linear regression of a straight line), and spline_interp (spline interpolation for over sampling data); these functions belong to the MinLINAG sub-project (Minimum Linear AlGebra in C).

        •  13 Sep 2009 01:24

          Release Notes: This release corrects a major bug in freeing memory. The Win32 version was especially sensitive to this bug. This release also includes two new features in the utility programs, in the MLINA (Minimum LINear Algebra library) section. The first feature is the computation of the rank of a matrix (in the igenVal_imTQL1() function). The second feature is a program for fitting a curve with a polynomial of any order.

          •  27 Jun 2009 22:58

            Release Notes: New packages were added for Debian/Ubuntu and for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). The Derivator _Fc function (a derivator with a cutting frequency) was added. setlocale(LC_ALL,"C") is used to avoid the use of the regional setting for the decimal separator.


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