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Seetxt is a lightweight text file and man page viewer for X windows. It maintains "document meta-data" for each user, allowing them to automatically keep bookmarks and highlights for read-only system files. It also has a "server mode" so that command line requests can be sent to a single running server rather than starting multiple instances. Other features include hypertext-style apropos (man page) searches, file monitoring, multi-level regular expression searching, a command history, and nice little toggle lights on the interface for the server and file monitor. There's also cross-application drag-n-drop support, and handy little features that allow you to view the output of shell commands and process the text buffer with an external command (sed, awk, grep, perl, etc.) Seetxt is POSIX compliant.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Dec 2010 18:52

    Release Notes: This corrects the accidental hardcoding of the runtime directory, left in versions 0.70 and 0.71, which would be a problem for binary builds and/or if you install into a directory other than /usr/local.

    •  04 Dec 2010 19:16

      Release Notes: Corrections were made to the makefile which prevented installation in a non-standard directory. No changes were made to the source code, so existing users that have seetxt installed already need not upgrade.

      •  18 Nov 2010 15:53

        Release Notes: New features, such as a navigation bar. The server is now threaded instead of forked, and there are other improvements. Note that the filelist format changed; if you are upgrading, be sure to read the NEWS file in the tarball.

        •  30 Apr 2009 19:11

          Release Notes: This release adds "copy selection" and "copy all" menu options. It has improved drag and drop.

          •  24 Mar 2009 13:34

            Release Notes: Several major and numerous minor changes have been made (the source and executable are about 30% bigger). Users' old seelist and filelist will still work, but the runtime directory (in /usr/local/share) is now seetxt-runtime. Also, users need to change the word "seelist:" in ~/.seeconfig to "seedata:".


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