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Simple ECMAScript Engine

SEE is a lightweight ECMAScript (JavaScript) parser and run-time environment. It conforms to ECMAScript Edition 3, JavaScript 1.5, and provides compatibility switches for earlier versions of JavaScript and Microsoft's JScript.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Apr 2009 21:20

    Release Notes: This release fixes some major problems with the 'bytecode' backend, and adds minor improvements to compatibility, portability, and reliability in other subsystems.

    •  10 Feb 2008 15:01

      Release Notes: This stable release fixes many bugs logged by users, and includes API improvements requested by the user/developer community. It also contains some significant speed and memory performance improvements and some JavaScript 1.5 compatibility enhancements.

      •  06 Aug 2006 13:30

        Release Notes: This release presents major API improvements and changes, improved Netscape compatibility, dynamic modules, support for GC finalizers, and many bugfixes.

        •  21 Jan 2006 00:45

          Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with how include headers are installed.

          •  23 Dec 2005 17:14

            Release Notes: A substantial number of improvements and bugfixes have been made in this release. The host API has changed slightly, and is now versioned. The demo shell now includes a simple Javascript debugger.

            Recent comments

            03 Dec 2003 12:08 dleonard

            Re: Author! Author!

            > Its a shame I can't contact the author.

            It's a shame there's so much spam in the world.


            03 Dec 2003 11:11 samjam

            Author! Author!
            Its a shame the authors email address doesn't work.
            Its a shame the authors own web pages are empty.
            Its a shame the download file doesn't contain any contact information.
            Its a shame the authors freshmeat profile page is marked private.

            Its a shame I can't contact the author.


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