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SDPGTK wraps GTK using simple, clean C++ classes and a straightforward hierarchy. It integrates well with existing GTK code, and, unlike existing wrappers for GTK, does not force the developer into a UI "framework". Of particular interest is the sdpGtkObjectContainer class, which implements the proposed GTKML standard, for loading a GTK hierarchy and events from an XML document.

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Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2001 20:25

    Release Notes: This release adds support for custom tags/objects, is now using an automake/autoconf build system, and has some bugfixes.

    •  17 Oct 2000 11:14

      Release Notes: Support for custom tags in GTKML documents, a sdpGtkOpenGLDrawingArea widget, a sdpGtkFileSelector dialog, sdpGtkColorSelector and sdpGtkFeedbackColorSelector dialogs, and instantiation of custom widgets has been included. Compatibility issues with hardware accelerated OpenGL have been resolved. Numerous bugfixes.

      •  10 Jul 2000 10:40

        Release Notes: Two new widgets (sdpGtkPlug and sdpGtkSocket), XML editor sample application, sdpGtkPlug & sdpGtkSocket sample application.

        •  18 May 2000 17:08

          Release Notes: Support for 7 additional GTK+ widgets: sdpGtkImage, sdpGtkAccelLabel, sdpGtkTipsQuery, sdpGtkTree, sdpGtkTreeItem, sdpGtkCurve, sdpGtkGammaCurve, and sdpGtkInputDialog.

          •  04 Apr 2000 20:58

            Release Notes: Support for the new widget option menu.


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