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SDCC is a freeware, retargettable, optimizing ANSI-C compiler. The current version targets Intel 8051-based MCUs, the Zilog Z80, and the DS390. Targets for the Microchip PIC and Amtel AVR series are under development, and the compiler can be retargeted for other 8 bit MCUs or PICs. The entire source code for the compiler is distributed under GPL. SDCC uses ASXXXX and ASLINK, a freeware, retargettable assembler & linker. SDCC has extensive MCU (8051)-specific language extensions, which lets it utilize the underlying hardware effectively. It includes a source-level debugger/simulator and can generate debug info for the NoICE debugger.


Recent releases

  •  01 May 2008 06:22

    Release Notes: This release added a predefined preprocessor macro for holding SDCC's subversion revision number, various preprocessor macros, an updated preprocessor, multiple infiles for sdcclib, support for many PIC devices, generation of cdb debug info for various platforms, tail call optimization for functions that take no parameters on Z80, and improved multiplication of unsigned chars on Z80. There were also numerous enhancements and bugfixes.

    •  05 Sep 2006 11:00

      Release Notes: This release improves the compiler's conformance to the C standard. Significant progress was also made on the PIC (both 14- and 16-bit) backends. For the 8051, SDCC has seen the addition of a new memory model, code banking, and bit variables. Numerous feature requests and bugfixes are included as well.

      •  02 Mar 2004 10:51

        Release Notes: This release adds preliminary support for the HC08, Pic 14, and Pic 16 series.

        •  30 Sep 2001 00:17

          Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes, complete support for the Z80, support for the DS390, a set of regression tests, improved documentation, and initial support for the PIC and AVR targets.

          •  16 Jun 2000 14:31

            Release Notes: Support was added for z80 and Atmel AVR.


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