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Sculptor is a productivity tool that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages. You express your design intent in a textual specification, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. You can use the concepts from Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in the textual Domain Specific Language (DSL), e.g. Service, Module, Entity, Value Object, Repository. The generated code is based on well-known frameworks such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Java EE. Sculptor takes care of the technical details and the tedious repetitive work, and lets you focus on delivering more business value (and have more fun). The DSL and the code generation drives the development and is not a one time shot. The application can be developed incrementally with an efficient round trip loop. Sculptor is useful when developing typical enterprise or Web applications that benefit from a rich and persistent domain model.

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Recent releases

  •  02 Jun 2014 20:43

    Release Notes: This minor bugfix release adds support for Xtext/Xtend version 2.6.0, and improves the generator properties support with the ability to define new properties in generator cartridges.

    •  30 Mar 2014 11:52

      Release Notes: This minor release provides a few bug fixes and adds support for generator properties which are common within a multi-module Maven project.

      •  02 Mar 2014 20:26

        Release Notes: This minor bugfix release adds support for Xtext/Xtend version 2.5.3 and brings the new Maven dependency 'sculptor-generator-test' which provides support code for testing Sculptor generator extensions.

        •  19 Jan 2014 19:52

          Release Notes: This bugfix release brings additional examples and some improvements to Sculptors Eclipse and Maven support, including additional validations and quick fixes, better integration with the m2e Eclipse plugin, support for Maven 3.1, and support for MongoDB in the Maven archetype.

          •  15 Dec 2013 20:06

            Release Notes: This version has undergone a major overhaul. It has most of the functionality as the previous 2.1.0, but internally it has been migrated to the latest versions of Eclipse4, Xtext2, and Xtend2. It is hosted on GitHub and has its own Web site.


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