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23 Jun 2009 14:14 noosphere

Instructions for compiling scrotwm 0.9.5 on Gentoo Linux:

This procedure will probably work on most other Linuxes as well.

11 Jun 2009 03:24 slashmarco

There are several linux ports out there. I have seen Ubuntu, SLES, Arch, Debian and some others.

06 Jun 2009 16:15 enigmarelle

this looks great but i can't get it to build on linux. please fix!

19 Feb 2009 01:45 kreb

Just a curious question
Is the project name supposed to be pronouced as

"scrotum"? :P

05 Feb 2009 09:52 sthen

Re: cwm?

> what does this have that cwm doesn't?

the biggest feature: tiling. it's more similar to

dwm (but it has a config file, remembers state

between restarts and a few other things) and xmonad

(but being in C doesn't involve having a working

Haskell environment to build/reconfigure, quite a

challenge on some machine/CPU types).

04 Feb 2009 13:14 tehmoth

what does this have that cwm doesn't?


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