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spectrwm is a minimalistic tiling window manager that tries to stay out of the way so that valuable screen real estate can be used for much more important stuff. It has sane defaults and does not require one to learn a language to do any configuration. It was written by hackers for hackers and it strives to be small, compact, and fast.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Feb 2014 15:54

    Release Notes: This release adds many updates and fixes and implements many feature requests.

    •  29 Apr 2013 20:39

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to move/resize floating windows beyond region boundaries. It adds 'soft boundary' behavior to region boundaries. When moving a window past the region boundary, the window will 'snap' to the region boundary if it is less than boundary_width distance beyond the edge. A new boundary_width configuration option has been added. The 'soft boundary' behavior can be disabled by setting this option to 0. The ability to set tile_gap to negative values has been added, which makes it possible for tiled windows to overlap. Set this to the opposite of border_width to collapse borders.

      •  26 Mar 2013 15:43

        Release Notes: Changes validation of default 'optional' programs to only occur when the respective config entry is overridden, not when the binding is overridden. Adds details to the man page and spectrwm.conf on how to disable/override the default programs. New quirks: NOFOCUSONMAP (don't change focus to the window when it gets mapped on the screen) and FOCUSONMAP_SINGLE (when the window is mapped, change focus if it is the only mapped window on the workspace using the quirk entry). A few other updates and fixes.

        •  28 Nov 2012 16:07

          Release Notes: This release adds quite a few little fixes (but they add up). It avoids a free on an uninitialized variable by setting optval to NULL, fixes fparseln flags to remove escape characters in the result, fixes an issue with rapid window crossing events being ignored, validates bound spawn programs after conf is loaded, fixes move/resize to bail if the window is destroyed, and fixes the bar clock not getting updated during periods of inactivity.

          •  30 Oct 2012 18:47

            Release Notes: This release fixes handling of region focus with empty workspaces. It fixes toggle_bar not working on empty workspaces. It fixes an issue where multiple key actions might be handled simultaneously. It fixes focus behavior when iconified windows exist in the ws. It fixes windows not being unmapped on single-monitor full-screen layout. It fixes mouse and keyboard binds to work regardless of caps/numlock state. It fixes a couple of segfaults and a couple of memory leaks.

            Recent comments

            23 Jun 2009 14:14 noosphere

            Instructions for compiling scrotwm 0.9.5 on Gentoo Linux:


            This procedure will probably work on most other Linuxes as well.

            11 Jun 2009 03:24 slashmarco

            There are several linux ports out there. I have seen Ubuntu, SLES, Arch, Debian and some others.

            06 Jun 2009 16:15 enigmarelle

            this looks great but i can't get it to build on linux. please fix!

            19 Feb 2009 01:45 kreb

            Just a curious question
            Is the project name supposed to be pronouced as

            "scrotum"? :P

            05 Feb 2009 09:52 sthen

            Re: cwm?

            > what does this have that cwm doesn't?

            the biggest feature: tiling. it's more similar to

            dwm (but it has a config file, remembers state

            between restarts and a few other things) and xmonad

            (but being in C doesn't involve having a working

            Haskell environment to build/reconfigure, quite a

            challenge on some machine/CPU types).


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