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30 Mar 2011 08:45 rrt

Having tried Scribus several times over the years and always found it crash-prone, I have recently used it in earnest for the first time recently, and found to be fine. The upcoming 1.4 series looks good too, and I've pointed a Mac-using friend at it (as 1.3.x isn't ported to Mac OS), who is also pretty happy. It's good to see the developers are in this for the long haul...

08 Mar 2005 10:11 hap0

Runs on win32 now!

21 Feb 2005 23:01 TomK32

Excellent software
I'm using it for a 14-daily magazin with 60+ pages and together with the Python scripting, Scribus just rocks.

Sure, it needs some improvements, but the words about the upcoming 1.3 are promising and the developers are very active and open for patches and feature requests.


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