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07 May 2008 08:38 wattafunnyname

screen - you can only love it!
This is one of the most useful tools ever. How can anybody rate it less than 10???

i like to combine it with dvtm, a console wm.

12 Jan 2008 14:47 dagobert

Re: Reference page about screen
New url for this site:

19 Jan 2007 13:20 akhill

Re: Fix for backspace problem on some systems
I had this problem running screen on FBSD, whilst logged in over ssh from a Linux box running X. The line:

*VT100*backarrowKey: 1

in .Xdefaults solved the problem.

18 Mar 2004 14:48 goosequill

Screen: The Serious Window Manager
If you love this geek stuff, you will probably find yourself leaving something like
Windows for something like Unix, GUIs for the command line, graphical editors for emacs
or vi, and finally -- the X server for console mode. When you get down here in the
black aether with the grunting codeheads (like me) I recommend you try Screen. The more
you use it, the more amazing it is. (Screen addicts will know the joys of detaching and
juggling multiple screen sessions.) Start out with a text-browser, editor, shell and su
in your .screenrc and discover the dark burn of console fonts glimmering in virtual
console-space. Once you get used to it down here, you'll never go back to high-density
pixels. (You can try to go back but they'll make your eyes hurt.)
--Kaspar Hauser

14 Jan 2004 17:25 claudine

Re: Reference page about screen

> This page :
> is quite interesting.

New url for this site:

25 Sep 2003 23:49 morelife

Fix for backspace problem on some systems
I am only posting this because I didn't find the answer readily in the archives or elsewhere.

The key bindings have always been fine under Linux, under Freebsd 4.x using bash, the backspace key is not mapped to "erase". I ended up with

bindkey -d -k kb stuff "\010"

in my .screenrc and it seems to work fine.
This didn't work until I put the quotes around the character code. Perhaps this would be a useful example in the manpage?


25 Sep 2003 23:44 morelife

unix usefulness index for screen (my index:)
Second only to vim, screen is the most useful of programs. (now zipping up asbestos flight suit)

22 Apr 2003 09:44 kstailey

Re: screen for X

> "screen" realy is a wonderfull
> and handy tool.
> I use it every day and just love it!!
> Does anybody know if there is something
> similar like screen for X applications
> ???
> Looking forward to receive some positive
> replays ;-).
> Georg

What I think you want is "xmove"

From manual page (xmove):

NAME xmove - pseudoserver to support mobile X11 clients

DESCRIPTION xmove starts a pseudoserver which allows X11 clients to be relocated from one display to another. Upon startup it will create a listening port from which it accepts new client connections. When xmove is invoked it chooses a default server, and all clients will be displayed on that server until moved elsewhere. Several clients may connect through a single xmove, thus requiring only one xmove process per machine.

xmove is in the FreeBSD ports tree, the NetBSD pkg collection, Debian GNU/Linux

11 Nov 2002 08:14 oberger

Reference page about screen
This page : ( is quite interesting.

10 Oct 2002 12:33 jeffcovey

Re: screen for X

> Does anybody know if there is something similar like screen for X
> applications ???

See ratpoison (


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