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Sciret is an advanced knowledge base system designed to be very user-friendly. It allows you to share articles via social sites like reddit, Digg, etc. Users have the ability to only show categories they want. You can be notified by RSS feads about changes in or additions to Sciret. Each user can bookmark his own preferred articles, bookmarks, or search results. When enabled, users can rate and comment articles. For SPAM protection, you can choose between akismet, typepad, or antispam as plugins. Attachments can be scanned for viruses or other threats with ClamAV. The knowledge base is localized in many languages and can be easily translated into others. Other functionality includes private or public To-Do, simple and advanced search, print view for articles, the ability to send articles by email to a friend as an attachment, and the ability to store articles as drafts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Nov 2009 17:08

    Release Notes: This release adds a Tags field for when a bookmark is added/edited. It fixes an error when browsing articles by tag. Tags weren't being deleted when an article was deleted. The "{latest_question}" meaningless tag next to bookmarks listed in the "What's new" tab has been removed. The Request Category Creation feature wasn't working. Article file attaching was broken. An error while using the categories dropdown in the popup to select related articles for an article has been fixed.

    •  10 Nov 2009 15:37

      Release Notes: An article marked as internal was unable to be mailed. Now, an article marked as internal is hidden from anonymous users as well (in the main view, RSS, and search results). When an article was deleted, it wasn't being removed from the Lucene index; this has been fixed. Article rating wasn't working. Deleting a category was producing an error.

      •  19 Oct 2009 15:12

        Release Notes: This release adds support for article tags powered by AJAX autosuggestions, and adds a tag cloud to the home page. It replaces the MySQL fulltext search engine with Lucene. It adds support for PHP 5.3. It implements OpenID for logging in and for new registrations through OpenID's registration extension. Language files have been migrated to the standard Gettext format. A separate administration section has been created for admin users, containing the questions management, user management, and search index management areas.

        •  15 Apr 2009 18:05

          Release Notes: Many parts of Sciret have been completely rewritten. A new navigation concept makes Sciret more useful with many categories. Anti-Spam is included, and uploads can be checked for viruses.

          •  02 Apr 2009 17:32

            Release Notes: FCKeditor is back, as some users had problems after the upgrade with the new YUI RTE. A new admin-only page is implemented that gives the admin additional information.

            Recent comments

            31 Jan 2007 15:21 bananareiner

            Cool project
            Keep up the good work!


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