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SciDAVis is an interactive application aimed at data analysis and publication-quality plotting. It combines a shallow learning curve and an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface with powerful features such as scriptability and extensibility. It is similar in its field of application to proprietary Windows applications like Origin and SigmaPlot, as well as free applications like QtiPlot, Labplot, and Gnuplot. What sets SciDAVis apart from the above is its emphasis on providing a friendly and open environment (in the software as well as the project) for new and experienced users alike, and particularly in providing good documentation on all levels.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Mar 2010 22:48

    Release Notes: This release adds two Czech translations. Some parts of the Python API have been marked as deprecated and generate warnings when used. This may be a bit unusual for a bugfix release, but they won't be removed any time soon and inserting the deprecation warnings now will give everyone as much time as possible for getting accustomed to the new API. Otherwise, the main focus of this release is on fixing bugs and performance problems.

    •  12 Jul 2009 18:47

      Release Notes: This release contains a number of small bugfixes and improvements, including fixed crashes, better performance of some operations, improved pasting of cells from other applications, improved Brazilian Portuguese and German translations, and a few new Python functions.

      •  20 Apr 2009 06:27

        Release Notes: This release adds a Brazilian Portuguese translation. A number of bugs were fixed. Performance of several operations was improved. Among the more prominent issues fixed are opening of legacy files with non-numeric data, importing of numeric data as new rows or overwriting the current table, various issues with invalid/empty cells, and a re-implementation of the Python function Table.importASCII() missing from SciDAVis 0.2.0 and 0.2.1.

        •  13 Mar 2009 06:08

          Release Notes: Most importantly, this release fixes saving of projects containing function/fit curves. Crashes that occurred when activating Python support on Windows (sometimes on Linux) have been fixed. The Spanish translation was updated. Several regressions introduced by the table and matrix rewrites in version 0.2.0 have been fixed. An option was added for ASCII import of numeric data (conversion had to be done by hand in 0.2.0), while still allowing the importing of non-numeric data (which was not possible with 0.1.x).

          •  15 Feb 2009 07:35

            Release Notes: This release introduces multi-level undo/redo for all operations that change table or matrix data. Many operations now support non-contiguous selections. A new sidebar makes working with column- or matrix-based data more convenient. Tables now support an individual formula for each cell and a new formula editing mode.


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