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06 Sep 2009 20:06 adminroot

SCID has more features than commercial chess software. It is also under active development.

30 Sep 2004 20:05 atoku

Thanks to author. It is so useful software really!

20 Dec 2003 15:31 PeteVine

More frequent updates of this page?
It's convenient getting email notifications about new versions so an up to date freshmeat page would be welcome.

17 Oct 2001 08:30 oakdenma

Excellent program
As a long time SCID user I can't praise this program enough. It's full-featured, easy to use, well documented, fast and, of course, it runs on my platform of choice (Linux), which the commercial vendors seem uninclined to support. (SCID also runs on windows, for those so inclined.)

In any case, SCID has just about all the features of the commercial offerings and an author who listens to and implements feature suggestions all the time.

Hats off to Shane for an excellent piece of work.


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