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20 Jun 2012 04:56 Hank220

Found out the problem. The drive was disconnected while live and reconnected. I was securing the connection. But then I still had to symlink /dev/sr0 to /dev/pg0 for -scanbus to work.

20 Jun 2012 04:39 Hank220

cdrecord works well in Linux. Just had a problem with it, however, recognizing the ide cdrom on my system: debian wheezy i386 eserver xseries 345. The laptop ide drive is configured as /dev/sr1 instead of /dev/sr0 for some reason and I had to set symlink /dev/sr1 to /dev/pg0 for the -scanbus option to work. Never have had this problem since have been using cdrtools for the last twelve years or so. But it still works better than anything out there. Great program!
Thanks, Joerg!

24 Jun 2011 07:43 schily

If you for any reason believe that the GPL is non-free, please tag your comments to the related GPL projects. The CDDL however is an approved OSS license and thus does not limit you in any way. You of course can use CDDL programs for any purpose.

23 Jun 2011 13:59 yanestra

With a CDDL tool set, you can't write GPL programs, so it's useless.

07 Jul 2009 01:52 bedwetter

I notice it says "Windows" yet it's a tarball. So I gather there isn't a windows installer ? Does one need cygwin installed for it to work on Windows ? Thanks.

10 Jan 2008 14:11 tedickey

termcap program
What's a "compiled" termcap? (By the way, Solaris termcap - which I would have thought this would use - uses a few different names than ncurses, and the comments in schily-2008-01-10/termcap/caplist.c are from ncurses ;-).


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