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SchilliX is an OpenSolaris-based live CD and distribution that is intended to help people discover OpenSolaris. When installed on a hard drive, it also allows developers to develop and compile code in a pure OpenSolaris environment. SchilliX tries to be as Sun Solaris compatible as possible and to be the optimum development platform for Solaris and OpenSolaris.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2012 10:10

    Release Notes: This release is built from SVr4 packages created from the SchilliX-ON project. The man pages are now included in the base of SchilliX-ON. Star now acts as a replacement for the formerly closed source "pax". Hdump now acts as a replacement for the formerly closed source "od". A new OSS implementation of a POSIX compatible "patch" program has been added. The SchilliX-ON base is available as a set of compressed SVr4 packages that can be installed via "pkgadd" directly over the network.

    •  24 Sep 2010 18:02

      Release Notes: xz is now included as /opt/schily/bin/xz and /usr/bin/xz. SchilliX is now self hosting; it allows you to compile the Illumos base on Schillix after you install sfw.tar.xz, sunstudio-12.1, and jdk1.6.0_18.

      •  06 Sep 2010 17:13

        Release Notes: This is the first Ilumos-based SchilliX release. Illumos is the Community controlled OpenSolaris Source. Illumos was created a few weeks before Oracle stopped updating the OpenSolaris source. Illumos is currently replacing the last closed-source bits with OSS.

        •  31 Aug 2010 12:40

          Release Notes: SchilliX is now based on Nevada build 147+. This is the latest source putback from Oracle (from August 16th).

          •  27 Jul 2010 13:51

            Release Notes: This release was updated to OpenSolaris Nevada Build 130. The schily tools (like star and cdrtools) have been updated to recent versions. The history editor in the Bourne shell now supports multi-byte locales.

            Recent comments

            05 Mar 2006 14:55 salomo

            totally awesome!
            unbelievable! with this you can now boot a SunOS 5.11 on your poor man laptop or your AMD64 and it runs great. X and audio devices are working as expected (on an IBM Thinkpad T30). all it needs now are packages.


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