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19 May 2013 21:28 mazal

brilliant.. ty.

16 Aug 2012 04:33 winnerdood

Love SchemaSpy. It's amazingly easy to configure and made it work within 30 minutes with development and production db. Does the job, it meant for, very well...Hats off. Keep the open source spirit alive...

13 Oct 2011 23:03 parasanger

I use the project several times a day. We have a multt TB SQL Server db w/1700 tables and over a hundred views. Its a beast, evolved over 10 years, no DTD, etc. And I'm new. Its the only sane way to explore the schema and has been a life saver coming up to speed here. Salut!

11 Mar 2011 00:58 reinderien

An excellent tool and one that I wish I'd found years earlier. I wrote a batch file to invoke it for a PostgreSQL schema provided on the command line:

21 Aug 2010 02:29 cesium5500

I got it to work under Ubuntu 9.10 with postgresql 8.4, I need to create this element : information_schema._pg_keypositions()

I found the solution here :

I need this file too : postgresql-8.0-312.jdbc3.jar (available here :

Thanks for this great piece of software


23 Feb 2010 15:24 pavlidis

well done.

23 Sep 2008 08:39 maxtardiveau

I love SchemaSpy -- I am so glad to see that it's being updated. This is a great tool. Excellent execution. Thank you so much for making this available!

10 Apr 2007 21:31 johncurrier

Re: Fantastic database mapping tool!
Post the details of the failure in the help forum ( and we should be able to figure it out.

10 Apr 2007 13:25 spiderman04

Re: Fantastic database mapping tool!
where are the debugging notes for Jdbc -cp jar file issues?

I have a successful command line into the PostgreSql instance but running this with the command line will not invoke without error. Any ideas?

java -jar schemaSpy.jar -t pgsql -db mydb -host localhost -port 6432 -u user -p password -o postgresql_schema

I even tried adding the -s name as 'public' and no luck either.

29 Dec 2006 03:09 beltrami

First ever ...
... tool I found that "digest" a vintage Sybase database without a glitch ... Hey ... GREAT job. Thank you.


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