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03 Nov 2011 11:10 schily

A person apparently from behind a "competing" dead project (see frecode link for project codeville and long time dead server at is trying to discredit SCCS with pointless claims. Thank you for verifying that SCCS is on the right way and without problems!

03 Nov 2011 07:04 yanestra

Oy, one has a bunch of problems with this piece of software. The only good reason to use this, might be an existing, archaic SCCS repo. But, you might run into compatibility problems of various nature.

11 Jul 2011 21:00 tedickey


08 Jan 2007 17:31 gritter

08 Jan 2007 15:44 ivoronin

Re: not the first
Big thanks to you! But here is another one -

I'm using it on OSX.

> OK, it seems that a small word is

> missing:

> My project is the first _working_ port

> of SCCS.



> The project you are referring to

> definitely

> does not work on Linux and probably only


> works on Solaris. ... hope this helps.




08 Jan 2007 12:22 schily

Re: not the first

> To clean up with the rumors: The

> Heirloom SCCS port has been working on

> Linux from day one. Actually it is used

> to maintain the source code of the

> Heirloom project itself. As usual with

> open source software, there is of course

> no guarantee that there are no remaining

> errors. Just send a bug report if you

> find one, and I will do my best to fix

> it.

You still seem to have problems with the truth...

Your first port claims to work on many platforms

but it only works correctly on Solaris and Open UNIX.

First let's face your port (first version) on Linux:

sccs delget tt

comments? some text


ERROR [SCCS/]: cannot execute 'bdiff' (de12)

*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x08061200 ***

SIGNAL: IOT trap (ut12)

As you see, it does not work for two reasons (missing bdiff and double fclose()).

On FreeBSD and yor port create incorrect time stamps and on Mac OS X it

does not compile because of a Mac OX linker bug. I asume that you did not run

sufficient tests before publishing.

Let us stop this discussion here, I am sure that you will get bug reports if you

have users on the mentioned platforms.

08 Jan 2007 09:08 gritter

07 Jan 2007 11:18 schily

Re: not the first
I am no sure where you did run your tests.
It cannot be a recent Linux system as there
are at least three problems in the project you
refer to. Each of them for it's own is sufficient
to prevent usage:

- Linux does not have a bdiff program (this problem seems to be fixed _after_ your test)

- Glibc halts a program in case that
fclose(fp) is called more than once.

- GNU getopt() is incompatible with
the tricks used in SCCS to allow
mixing of options and filt type arguments.

The project you refer to has been published a
few hours after the source has been opened by Sun.
It should be obvious that porting a complex project takes more than a few hours.

My project intends to create not only a SCCS demonstrator but a really platform independently usable Source Code Control System. Check the changelogs to verify my claims, today I did publish the second update, I now support nearly
all platforms of interest.

01 Jan 2007 13:12 digiot

Re: not the first

I haven't tested it thoroughly so it's possible it fails in some respect I'm not aware of, but it seems to have at least basic functionality on my Slackware 11 system. It compiles flawlessly, and checks files in and out with differences.
$ vi trialsccs.txt

$ admin -itrialsccs.txt s.trialsccs.txt

No id keywords (cm7)

$ rm trialsccs.txt

$ get -e s.trialsccs.txt


new delta 1.2

1 lines

$ vi trialsccs.txt

$ delta -p s.trialsccs.txt

comments? demonstration of working sccs

No id keywords (cm7)




> The newline and this line are new.

2 inserted

0 deleted

1 unchanged

$ prs s.trialsccs.txt


D 1.2 07/01/01 15:52:59 j 2 1 00002/00000/00001



demonstration of working sccs

D 1.1 07/01/01 15:49:29 j 1 0 00001/00000/00000



date and time created 07/01/01 15:49:29 by j

$ get -e s.trialsccs.txt; cat trialsccs.txt


new delta 1.3

3 lines

Line 1

The newline and this line are new.


30 Dec 2006 07:20 schily

Re: not the first
OK, it seems that a small word is missing:
My project is the first _working_ port of SCCS.

The project you are referring to definitely
does not work on Linux and probably only
works on Solaris. ... hope this helps.


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