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OpenAntivirus ScannerDaemon

ScannerDaemon is the virus scanner of the OpenAntivirus project. You can send a filename to it via simple TCP and it will scan the file for viruses and tell you if the file is infected or not. The ScannerDaemon comes with its own virus database, so you do not need any commercial virus scanner. There is a plugin for AMaViS and several mailservers to scan all EMail going through a mail server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Oct 2002 13:06

    Release Notes: This version consumes much less memory and fixes some bugs that prevented it from detecting some viruses.

    •  15 May 2002 12:47

      Release Notes: This version has a new filter concept which allows better filtering. The first advantage is decompression of Zip and UPX compressed files and detection of uninfectable files (like graphics and audio files) for faster scanning. It probably breaks the detection of some viruses, but work is being done to remedy this.

      •  11 Apr 2002 18:09

        Release Notes: This release replaces the plain 'virussignatures.txt' with Credo files. These are digitally signed archives, signed with digitally signed keys from the OAV project. Everyone can get such a key and publish virus patterns by now.

        •  12 Jan 2002 21:37

          Release Notes: Support for a digitally signed virus signature file (you have to use the new virussignatures file with it). From now on, only virus patterns generated by PatternFinder will be accepted if you send the virus with it, so that the pattern can be verified.

          •  04 Jan 2002 19:19

            Release Notes: This release has POST and FILTER support for Squid virus scanning. You can transparently scan all Squid traffic for virii. Connections are allowed from localhost only. There is multithread support.

            Recent comments

            11 Apr 2002 14:33 rjek

            Doesn't everybody know that virii is a non-word? The plural of 'virus' is 'viruses'.

            I quote from

            Those confused souls who write *virii are tacitly positing the existence of the non-word *virius, and declining it as though it were like filius. It's true that l/r are both linguals that sometimes get interchanged, and that f/v are just a change in voicing[2], but that's just reaching. *Virii is still completely silly, so don't do that; otherwise, everyone will know you're just a blathering script kiddie.


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