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Smart Cache is full-featured pure Java proxy cache server. It can cache any pages and make them available for offline browsing. Other features include a URL filter, cookie filter, ability to fake User-Agents, Referer, and Cookie headers, Web forwarder (accelerator) mode, background downloading, multiple logs, fast operation, very configurable garbage collection, cache directory structure copies server structure, and cached files are ready for use (no headers inside).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Jul 2009 21:52

    Release Notes: The code was updated for Java 5. It now uses standard Java regexp, and multi-line headers are supported. Non-cacheable objects can be now optionally saved into cache, but cannot be used unless there is a connection error to the original server.

    •  24 Jun 2005 18:20

      Release Notes: "overwrite by redirect" is now documented, the -local switch works, the 303 HTTP return code is supported, refresh_redirect can be greater than min_refresh time, the Expire dates "never" and "1.1.1970" and supported, and a crash caused by a missing "synchronize" in printDate has been fixed.

      •  02 Apr 2005 21:08

        Release Notes: A new cfg statement overwrite_by_redirect y/n. Support for redirects without wildcards. Repair supports .rss. A scons build framework has been added. A security hole has been fixed by disabling the forwarder code. tar builds from the gnuarch repository now.

        •  26 Oct 2003 20:13

          Release Notes: Corrupted dates in log files have been fixed. Support has been added for the Cache-Control: no-cache header. More than 1 line in rfail.cnf works. The sample configuration file has been merged with the one sent by Ben Dragon.

          •  02 Sep 2003 20:26

            Release Notes: This release no longer converts to lowercase on case-insensitive redirects/rewrites. All levels of empty directories are removed during GC/killunref. The repair utility has been enhanced. The smart cache now accepts spaces in URLs. Some broken browsers do not encode them as %20. The target server can still reject URLs as invalid. The minimum TTL for searchcache can be specified as ui_searchcache_minage.

            Recent comments

            03 Feb 2002 15:10 ed_avis

            WWWOFFLE (/projects/wwwoffle/) does a similar job, with more emphasis on offline browsing and caching.


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