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sblive is a Linux Driver for the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! which also works for the Live! Value Edition. Modules are provided for kernels 2.0.36-0.7 and 2.2.5, but for non-SMP systems only.


Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 1999 02:08

    Release Notes: Open Sound System (OSS) compatible, Full duplex wave playback/recordking functionality (/dev/dsp), Simultaneous wave playback streams (/dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1), Analog mixer (AC97) support (/dev/mixer, SBLive! only), Sound status reporting (/dev/sndstat), MIDI UART support (/dev/midi), Joystick interface support (>= 2.2.x kernels only) and support for multiple EMU10K1-based cards

    •  20 May 1999 15:48

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  05 May 1999 14:05

        Release Notes: First release.

        Recent comments

        10 Jun 2001 02:45 JavaCowboy

        SB Live on Mandrake 8.0 Kernel 2.4.3
        I'm trying to get my SB Live! card to work on
        Mandrake 8.0, which uses Linux Kernel 2.4.3 with
        no success.

        My system correctly identifies my sound card, but
        can't get it to work. I've tried running
        HardDrake, sndconfig and have gotten nothing but
        error messages. I've also tried downloading the
        driver from CreativeLabs and following a
        step-by-step procedure that someone posted to, with no success.

        Since I'm new to Linux, I have no idea why my
        system can't get my sound card to work when the
        right drivers are (apparently) installed. The
        CreativeLabs site said that their drivers would
        only work on version 2.2.something of the Linux

        If anyone has any idea as to why my card isn't
        working and how to fix the problem, please email
        me at:

        23 Sep 2000 17:34 chrisgarde

        SB live is now OPEN SOURCE !!!
        I just wanted to say that I have just compiled the latest drivers on a linux kernel 2.2.16 and that they work just fine...

        26 Jun 2000 17:26 brteag00

        alsa drivers?
        does anyone have any experience with the SBLive drivers from the alsa project? it says they're supported...and i'd love to know what experiences people have had before going out and purchasing my own...

        thanks! -brian

        21 Feb 2000 03:03 ivand

        Redhat 6.1 work find for me.
        im not too sure about the kernel version, i just wanted to
        add a comment, that mentionned version 1.0 is out.
        The file is still referred as a emulator.
        The readme was well written even for a newbie like me.
        Well ,i'm still unable to get my rear speakers to work,
        but the subwoofer and the front speakers works, kewl.

        19 Oct 1999 20:22 broeken

        SbLIVE! I did it,
        I got it working on a RedHat release 6.1

        it's all above, change the file names to 2.2.12-20

        and hexedit the emu10k1 file and change the 2.2.5-1 to 2.2.12-20

        and it works fine!

        hope sb will make some new drivers , THIS SUCKS!

        i posted the changed drivers on my site --> <--

        you can download the tar.gz file there in the doenload area!

        marco broeken


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