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SBackup is a simple backup solution intended for desktop use. It can back up any subset of files and directories. Exclusions can be defined by regular expressions. A maximum individual file size limit can be defined. Backups may be saved to any local and remote directories that are supported by gnome-vfs.


Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 2007 14:47

    Release Notes: This version fixes most of the bugs that have been found in the 0.10 branch without adding extra features unless required by the bugs in question. This is suitable for stable production environments.

    •  06 Oct 2006 21:48

      Release Notes: This release manages /etc/sbackup.conf and /etc/cron.d/sbackup as config files, but not as conf files, to remove an unneeded "config changes upstream" prompt on upgrade. It can handle old config files gracefuly. There is a one-liner fix for incremental backup time not being counted properly, which caused incremental backups to be done all the time. The nice level of the sbackupd process has been reduced to the lowest possible priority (+19). An empty regex matches everything, so avoid those.

      •  22 Aug 2006 08:08

        Release Notes: Support for internationalization was added along with support for uninstalling. A problem with spaces in the target directory was fixed. Command-line option parsing support was added. Parsing of cron timelines was improved with a custom option. The ability to edit filenames, paths, and regular expressions directly in the cells was added. Old backup snapshots can now be purged in a smart and simple way. The writability of a directory is now tested by writing into it. Several permission related errors were fixed, especially in remote backups. The restore backend was rewritten, fixing bugs with restoring files beyond the 2GB limit and speeding up the process 2-3 times.

        •  20 Nov 2005 10:43

          Release Notes: All the TODOs and plans have been documented. All files are backed up if maxsize=-1. Many bugs with the root directory enabled for backup were fixed. An exception with remote target testing was fixed. Backup permissions are now securely set to 0600 for files. Remote directories are also renamed to get rid of ":" in the filename. Backup directories are upgraded before each backup run.

          •  08 Sep 2005 00:02

            Release Notes: Binary paths in .menu entries have been changed to use sbin. "." is used instead of ":" in all directory names. A bug with the first item of the file format exclusion list has been fixed. The config applet works in Debian sarge. The restore icon has been moved to the System->Administration menu.

            Recent comments

            13 Dec 2005 16:03 clj

            Re: missing files

            > The project is written in a scripting

            > language - Python, so the executables

            > are also the source files.

            Silly me. Thanks for the quick reply.

            13 Dec 2005 13:36 aigarius

            Re: missing files
            The project is written in a scripting language - Python, so the executables are also the source files. The thing that is lacking in 0.9, but will be in the next release is the "uninstall" target for the Makefile.

            13 Dec 2005 12:41 clj

            missing files
            The project seems incomplete. The Makefile only shows how to

            install the project, not how to build the executables, and there are

            missing source files (e.g. for sbackupd).


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