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Arabica is an XML toolkit written in Standard C++. It provides SAX, DOM, XPath, and XSLT implementations. It delivers UTF-8 encoded std::strings or UCS-2 std::wstrings, but can also accommodate custom string types and alternative encodings.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Nov 2012 09:46

    Release Notes: XSLT engine is now, like the rest of Arabica, parameterised on string type. It can be used with std::string, std::wstring, or any arbitrary string type.

    •  24 Oct 2010 12:22

      Release Notes: This release contains incremental improvements to Arabica's XSLT processor, along with assorted bug fixes.

      •  20 Oct 2008 12:19

        Release Notes: Taggle, a port of John Cowan's TagSoup package, was added. Taggle parses HTML as found in the wild, generating a well-formed stream of SAX events. The Taggle interface is identical to Arabica's XML parser, allowing HTML to be processed with XML tools.

        •  26 Sep 2007 17:52

          Release Notes: This is the first release that knowingly breaks existing code, but the changes required are all straightforward. There are several filename changes. Some classes have been moved into different namespaces. This release adds no new functionality.

          •  31 Aug 2007 13:09

            Release Notes: This release includes the first release of Mangle, the Arabica XSLT engine. Still actively under development, mangle passes about 85% of the OASIS XSLT conformance test suite and covers most common cases. There are additional incremental improvements to the build system.


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