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Sashenka is yet another framework for building IRC clients and bots. It contains a J2EE Servlet Container for running IRCServlets, along with the necessary utilities and accessories to write bots following the J2EE Servlet model. Another aspect of Sashenka is the IRC framework which implementors may very easily incorporate into IRC clients or other bot engines of their own design.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Nov 2004 14:17

    Release Notes: Several new servlets were added. The API has been cleaned up and major code refactoring was done to pave the way for true Servlet 2.3 support in version 4.0. Better integration with freenode's chanserv/nickserv services has been achieved. New modules include Bable (translation), CardGames, Trivia, PeopleWatcher, Assassin, and Karma.

    •  19 Nov 2002 05:42

      Release Notes: A bug that caused compilation to fail was fixed.

      •  03 Nov 2002 06:36

        Release Notes: New servlets have been added, including a TellServlet for passing mesages among channel idlers, a HangmanServlet for playing games, and the AdminServlet to send the bot between channels. It also adds multi-part/multi-party reply support in the container, and upgrades all existing servlets to use this feature. The container attempts to throttle its output with some success, and the communication layers handle more messages more effectively.

        •  02 Jun 2002 10:43

          Release Notes: Sashenka's request dispatcher has been re-written from a single threaded process to a multithreaded dispatcher in this release. Requests are now deposited in a synchronized queue and a configurable number of worker threads process and dispatch the requests to the Servlets. A new Bot Servlet has been added to the distribution and a couple of existing ones have been slightly modified. The default behavior of the FortuneServlet has been changed so it will not annoy channel members without being explicitly set to do so.

          •  18 Mar 2002 06:32

            Release Notes: Another bot has been added in this release and the container functionality has changed to support idle channel behavior. The annoying chatter every 10 minutes into the channel has been modified to send a bit of trivia only if the channel has been idle for 10 minutes. All of this behavior is of course configurable. For module writers there are now doIdle() methods available as well as command parameter parsing in the Request objects.


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