Comments for Sappeur Compiler

19 Apr 2010 21:27 frankgerlach

some more fixes done and published as version 1.04.2.
Also added an Expression Compiler sample code (very early version)

12 Apr 2010 21:17 frankgerlach

Memory management issues fixed with ver1.03.

12 Apr 2010 08:20 frankgerlach

I recently discovered a major issue with memory management, which had been fixed in the past, but has slipped back into the main branch.
Version 1.03, which will fix that will be posted soon. Until then, please do not use Sappeur in Production.

10 Apr 2010 00:49 frankgerlach

Version 1.02 containing updated documentation and more Sappeur sample code has just been posted to google code.

02 Apr 2010 11:54 frankgerlach

Note that porting to 64bit x86 and other architectures would be a minor effort (less than 2 working days if hardware is available).


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