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Sappeur Compiler

Sappeur is a safe and efficient programming language. The memory safety of Sappeur programs is equivalent to Java or .NET without having the performance penalties of those languages. This is implemented with smart pointers and stack allocation of objects and arrays. Also, arrays of objects and synchronous destructors are possible. Sappeur executables are native code and do not use a garbage collector. The safety properties of Sappeur are assured by a proper type system (which forbids weird pointer casts for example) and runtime checks. This is true for both single- and multithreaded programs. The Sappeur compiler translates programs into safe C++ programs, which makes integration with existing C++ code simple. Finally, Sappeur technology erects another layer of defense against cyber threats.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2011 00:01

    Release Notes: This release fixes a pointer handling problem, extends Unit Tests, and adds samples and documentation. Users are urged to upgrade. Note that the Google Code site is being deprecated.

    •  05 Dec 2010 15:45

      Release Notes: 64-bit support on pthread-capable platforms. Integrity rules for destructors. Stack depth checking has been implemented. Various fixes for minor issues. Cygwin support. pthread_mutex now used to protect reference counting. Unicode strings have been added.

      •  11 May 2010 08:20

        Release Notes: Minor fixes for error messages and error termination of the compiler. Missing sample files were added. Statistics reporting was added for compile runs.

        •  12 Apr 2010 21:19

          Release Notes: A critical memory management issue has been fixed in this version. Please do not use older versions.

          •  08 Apr 2010 20:46

            Release Notes: A FreeBSD port and minor cleanup.

            Recent comments

            19 Apr 2010 21:27 frankgerlach

            some more fixes done and published as version 1.04.2.
            Also added an Expression Compiler sample code (very early version)

            12 Apr 2010 21:17 frankgerlach

            Memory management issues fixed with ver1.03.

            12 Apr 2010 08:20 frankgerlach

            I recently discovered a major issue with memory management, which had been fixed in the past, but has slipped back into the main branch.
            Version 1.03, which will fix that will be posted soon. Until then, please do not use Sappeur in Production.

            10 Apr 2010 00:49 frankgerlach

            Version 1.02 containing updated documentation and more Sappeur sample code has just been posted to google code.

            02 Apr 2010 11:54 frankgerlach

            Note that porting to 64bit x86 and other architectures would be a minor effort (less than 2 working days if hardware is available).


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