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21 Mar 2002 14:21 whitemice

LDAP Documentation
I have written a section on putting together a Samba PDC (2.2.3a) using the LDAP backend for my LDAP presentation. ldapv3.pdf ( hosted by the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group ( (Kalamazoo, Mi. USA)

20 Jan 1999 14:56 AHinMaine

Re: Samba RPM Packages

20 Jan 1999 11:47 mgedmin

Samba RPM Packages
The location of RedHat packages above is incorrect (/pub/samba/ does not exist on So far I was unable to find Samba 2.0.0 binary RPM package (and there is not enough free disk space on my home box to compile it). It'd be very nice if someone provided a working URL.

15 Jan 1999 09:47 laphy

Samba 2.0 rock!
I will thank the Samba Team for the great work!
You make my life much easier!


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